Introducing Charlie

Meet Charlie


I thought I would introduce you to my dog, Charlie. He is a 6-year-old Collie cross and we’ve had him since he was a puppy. We know for sure mum was a Collie but no one is quite sure what kind of dog dad was, I think it was probably a Labrador or Retriever, but I guess we’ll never know. Being part Collie he has a lot of energy and requires lots of walks and attention. Definitely needs a couple of walks a day no matter what the weather, which can be pretty miserable when its horizontal rain and freezing cold (most days in Scotland). He loves his toys and would play all day if he could. Often you will end up with piles of toys on your lap until you finally play with him. Favourite games include fetch (obviously), tug and hide and seek (we hide one of his toys and he has to find it). He is a very smart dog and knows the names of all his toys (and trust me he has a lot) and will bring them to you when asked. He was a very easy dog to train as he is so keen to please you. I do often feel rather smug when we’re out and he walks perfectly to heel and comes straight away when he’s called. However, although he is keen to please this did take a bit of time, especially the lead training. I’m so glad I did put in the time and effort to train him as it definitely makes life easier now.

Collie cross puppy




running dog


Dog in snow


Dog in snow


Charlie the climbing dog

Getting a dog was probably one of the best decisions my husband and I have made and I love being a dog owner. However, it isn’t all cute puppies and playing in the park. There are definitely days when I would rather stay in bed but have to get up to walk the dog – it’s not easy on cold, wet winter mornings. We have to plan our trips around him, this means there’s no spontaneity anymore. Not to mention dogs cost a lot, it’s not just the food, but insurance, vet bills, kennel charges, the cost of bedding, toys etc. We even considered the dog when purchasing our cars (would he fit in the boot?).


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