Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts and Date Ideas

Valentine Gift Idea
If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought about what to get your significant other for valentines day. Today I’m going to share some last minute gift ideas and a couple of low-cost date ideas with you. I’m focusing on gifts for men since most of my readers are female and probably buying for their boyfriends – is it just me or are men impossible to buy for. Us girls are a lot easier – I’m happy with a big bunch of flowers, a smelly candle or a new perfume. Men need a little more thought.
Gift Ideas
Starting from the most expensive here are my last minute gift ideas
  • Book a weekend away/mini break – obviously not for this weekend but maybe plan a short break as something you can both look forward too. European cities always make great city breaks or maybe book a couple of nights in a fancy hotel (preferably one with a spa).
  • Trip in a Hot Air Balloon – I’ve done this once before for my dad’s birthday and it was amazing. It’s quite pricey but definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Warning you do need to get up at the crack of dawn for this one and it’s not for those with a fear of heights. Check out Red Letter Days for their hot air ballooning experiences.
  • Driving Experiences – Most men love their cars and dream about driving a supercar. A driving experience is a great gift as they get the chance to drive a fast car around a track or be driven by a professional driver. I have given this experience to my husband before and he loved it. There are loads of racing tracks across the country which offer driving experiences.
  • Spa Vouchers – I think a lot of people assume spa days are just for us girls but most guys love a massage and relaxing in the sauna. This is also something you can do together, a lot of spas offer couples treatments. Check out your local spa/hotel to see if they have any offers on just now (I’m sure most will have a valentines offer). It’s also worth keeping an eye on Groupon (or any other discount site) for deals.
  • Theatre/Concert Tickets – Is there a show or artist coming to town who you know your fella would love to see. Order a couple of tickets and treat him to a show – again this gives you both something to look forward to.
  • Afternoon Tea/Meal Voucher – If you don’t want to go out on Valentine’s day you could buy your other half vouchers for a meal at a restaurant, you both love. Another option is to book an afternoon tea for you both (who doesn’t like afternoon tea). Most hotels have afternoon tea offers and again keep an eye on Groupon for vouchers.
  • Personal Hamper – You could create a personalised hamper containing all his favourite foods and drinks. You don’t need to use an actual hamper, you could decorate an old shoe box or put everything in a large bowl. Get some of his favourite beer, favourite sweets, chocolates etc. This is a really lovely personal gift which can cost as much or as little as you want it too.
  • Cook a special meal – Cook him his favourite meal at home – this is much more relaxed than going out as you can eat whenever you want and aren’t bring rushed in a busy restaurant. If your not a cook Marks and Spencer always has a valentines meal deal which includes a bottle of wine.
  • Bake a Cake – this always goes down well (who doesn’t love home baking). This is a really low-cost option as you only have to buy the ingredients (which you probably have anyway).
  • DIY Vouchers – If you’re on a tight budget you could create some I owe you vouchers for hugs, massage, kiss etc. This site has ones you can download and print.
Date Ideas
Some of the gift ideas also work as fantastic date ideas as well (imagine a hot air balloon date), but many of these will be sometime in the future if your booking now. So I’ve been thinking of some things you can do on the actual day which doesn’t cost much money (since you’ve already spent enough on a fantastic gift)
  • Have a home movie night – pick your favourite film, get in some snacks and turn out the lights for a movie night.
  • Romantic dinner – I covered this earlier but it’s a great option if you’re trying to save money – I often prefer a meal at home as well.
  • Romantic Walk – get wrapped up and head out for a romantic walk on Saturday afternoon. The beach or a local woodland are great places to spend time together and have a low-cost date.
  • Go for a Drive – don’t make plans just get in your car and see where you end up. Stop at cute villages, visit somewhere new and have a wonder round. You may end up finding a new favourite place which you can visit together.
  • Have a Lazy day – turn off your phones and spend the day in bed together. Get in lots of snacks and watch a couple of films or binge watch a new TV series. Just enjoy spending time together without any other distractions (like Facebook and Twitter)
I hope you found my gift and date ideas useful. What are your plans for valentines day? My husband is away so I’m having a girls night in with a couple of friends – watching films and eating chocolate. I hope you have a great valentines day whatever your plans.

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