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Finding the good in everyday and celebrating life's little luxuriesAre you looking to simplify your life and your wardrobe? Then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Tartan Brunette a minimalist fashion blog covering capsule wardrobes, beauty, minimalism and simple living. Here you will find advice and support on integrating slow fashion and slow living into your lifestyle without the overwhelm whilst still enjoying all the little luxuries in life. Tartan Brunette offers simple, honest, to the point advice, with a focus on timeless personal style and curating minimal wardrobes which work for you and your lifestyle.

Tartan Brunette is an online destination for women looking to simplify their lives and their wardrobes.

Hi I’m Jen and I’m the voice behind Tartan Brunette, so nice to meet you. I live just outside Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband Graeme and our crazy dog Charlie. When I’m not blogging you’ll find me at home pretending to be the perfect housewife (if you ignore the mess), tackling house projects, trying not to kill all the plants (I’m a notorious plant murder) and walking the dog. In December 2014 I bought the domain Tartan Brunette to create a basic lifestyle blog since then it has involved into the minimalist fashion and lifestyle blog you see today.

Blogger Tartan Brunette shares how she dresses up her ethical fashion

I blog about simplifying life with posts on capsule wardrobes, everyday outfits, minimalism, beauty, and simple living. I want to take you along on my journey sharing everything I discover and learn along the way. This isn’t a glossy fashion blog but a real person sharing real everyday fashion with real people. Let’s make use out of the clothes we already have in our wardrobes. It’s time to mix + match + repeat!

Vivienne Westwood said it perfectly “Buy Less. Choose Well. Make it Last!”

If I managed to curb my out of control fast fashion addiction then you can too. You can read my story of how I went from fast fashion addict to slow fashionista here. Join me on my journey to a simpler life and wardrobe. Let’s start embracing slow fashion and choosing timeless personal style over the ever-revolving trends of fast fashion.

Finding the good in everyday and celebrating life's little luxuriesFor me embracing simple living has been about taking the time to appreciate the little luxuries which make every day special and celebrating the good in every day. On this blog, I share the attainable luxuries which bring a smile to my face and elevate the everyday.

It’s about choosing quality over quantity and enjoying the little luxuries in life

Life’s little luxuries include:

  • Crisp clean bedsheets at the end of the day
  • Buying fresh flowers for no reason other than they look pretty
  • Taking 5 minutes to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee
  • Freshly painted nails
  • Pulling on a soft cashmere sweater
  • Lighting a beautiful scented candle
  • Pouring a glass of wine on a Friday night
  • A long relaxing bath
  • Having a lie in on a weekend and not feeling guilty about it
  • Stopping to admire the view

Finding the good in everyday and celebrating life's little luxuriesAwards and Accolades

  • Winner 2016 Go Slow Award. Tartan Brunette was named one of the world’s 50 most inspirational blogs on sustainable fashion in the 2016 Go Slow Awards.
  • Top 10 Influencers of Ethical & Sustainable Fashion. Tartan Brunette was the only UK based blog named in Mamahuhu’s list of 2016’s top 10 ethical and sustainable fashion influencers.
  • Top 5 Ethical Fashion Blogs. UK clothing brand AIRR Clothing named Tartan Brunette amongst the top 5 ethical fashion blogs.
  • Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Blogs. Nomad Forest named Tartan Brunette as one of their top 5 sustainable fashion blogs and labelled it as a must read for anyone interested in sustainable fashion.

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