My Story

What is a Capsule Wardrobe and who are they for? + how one will benefit you and how to get startedLike a lot of women, I have a long history with fast fashion and shopping. This goes right back to when I was a teenager and spent my Saturday’s in Topshop picking the perfect outfit for going out that night. My friends would spend every weekend at the shops spending our allowances on sparkly tops and dresses which we ended up wearing once. It was a big part of our social life meeting up to get the bus into town planning what to buy and then wearing our new stuff out later that day.

Then I moved away to uni and discovered Primark (there wasn’t one in Edinburgh at the time), it didn’t help that I only lived a short walk from the shops. I used to pop into town if I had a couple of hours free. My tiny wardrobe in halls resembled Rebecca Bloomwood’s from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Remember the scene when everything she had stuffed in falls out on her – yeah that was me every morning!

Around the same time, I discovered online shopping and let’s just say my wardrobe was never big enough. I had parcels arriving every week, often forgetting that I’d even made an order. It was like a surprise present to myself. I have no idea how I could afford this crazy shopping addict. My only income was from a part time bar job and a little allowance from my parents to pay my rent and bills.

After uni things got much better, having a mortgage to pay really limits your spending ability. But I still bought too much and I still had that overflowing wardrobe. As I started to approach 30 I knew something had to chance. I was frustrated with my out of control spending habits, overflowing wardrobe and undefined personal style.

One evening I sat down and watched The True Cost and that film completely changed my outlook on my wardrobe. After seeing the impact my shopping habits were having on vulnerable people and the environment I knew I had to make a change. This is when I decided to create my first capsule wardrobe and majorly purge my wardrobe. I needed something to focus on to finally put an end to my unhealthy shopping habit. I knew I couldn’t just say I wasn’t buying new clothes I needed a clear focus and rules to stop shopping for fast fashion.

That decision turned out to be pretty life changing, not only did I finally end my unhealthy relationship with fast fashion but my capsule wardrobe introduced me to sustainable fashion and minimalism. It also changed the direction of this blog, I no longer talk about sales and hauls but instead focus on empowering others who want to minimise their wardrobes and live a simpler life. I’m now a reformed shopaholic turned aspiring minimalist all because of one film. Who would have thought an evening in front of the telly could have such an impact on my life?