Inspiration for a feminine yet professional workwear style

Workwear Inspiration

So I have some exciting news for you! I’ve accepted a job offer. Which means no more freelancing and a steady paycheck again. Anyone who has spent any time freelancing will know how unreliable the money is. One month you could make thousands and the next month a big fat zero. This does make life difficult […] Read more…

Outfits from my winter capsule wardrobe

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

My spring capsule wardrobe officially began on Saturday (full details coming on Wednesday) and I’m so glad to finally be out of my autumn/winter clothes. I’ve had the same capsule wardrobe since September as I decided to create a half year wardrobe. This made a lot of sense over the autumn and winter as our […] Read more…

Fat Face Rosie Jacket in Khaki

The Weekend Capsule Wardrobe

The return of the sunshine has made me want to spend more time outdoors. Although the beautifully unpredictable Scottish weather can make dressing for spring a little tricky. It’s hard to know what to wear when it’s snowing one minute and glorious sunshine the next. I can dress for a dog walk in the freezing […] Read more…

The New Garconne How to be a Modern Gentlewoman

Modern Gentlewoman Style

The other week during a massive procrastination session I started creating a reading wishlist. Top of this wishlist was The New Garconne How to be a Modern Gentlewoman by Navaz Batliwalla the voice behind Disneyrollergirl. I kept seeing it pop up on the Instagram feeds of my favourite bloggers so naturally wanted to see what the […] Read more…

Spring outfits of the year

Outfits of The Year: 2016

On Monday I shared some of my favourite blog posts from the year. As I was looking back over my posts I thought it might be interesting to pull together some of the outfits I’ve shared this year. This was my first full year of capsule wardrobes. And I wanted to see how my style […] Read more…

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